JS Enterprises Offer Tips on Tackling a New Home’s Landscaping

Moving to a new home or building a home is an exciting time. Not only because you get to choose new carpet, paint, and anything else you want to make the home your own, but also because you have a new space for gardening and landscaping. Some could care less what’s planted on their property while others spend every nice day outside weeding, pruning, and keeping their landscaping beautiful.


We chatted with Denver landscape firm JS Enterprises about the landscaping steps to take on a new home including one helpful tip that most homeowners don’t think of until its too late. According to JS Enterprises one of the first things to do to your landscaping when moving to a new residence is – nothing. The good folks at JS aren’t lazy, they like to work, but they give valid reasons for waiting a full calendar year before tackling a large-scale landscaping installation.

The strongest reason for waiting a year? You just don’t know what to expect from a landscape or lawn unless you’ve seen it throughout different periods in a year. Think it about this way. If you move to your new home during fall you may point out a couple sickly looking bushes that you want to replace but by spring you’re surprised to find that those bushes have grown and are blooming beautifully. If you had decided to tackle that shrub right away, you’d be missing out on the blooms. You might think you have a perfect area for annual flowers in the spring but when the summer rains come and create massive puddles in that prospective planting area you’ll know you were right to wait.

This doesn’t mean you can’t do any landscaping to a new home, far from it. Small installations, small removals, and other bits of work around the property are perfectly fine, you just don’t want to make any large-scale applications until you know exactly how your property works during different parts of the year.

Your best move when deciding on your landscaping project is to meet with a local landscaping firm to discuss a master plan and the steps to take to watch your lawn and garden. After a year you’ll know what areas bloom in the spring, what areas don’t get enough sun in the summer, and other facts that could make or break any future landscaping projects. It can be tough to wait but after a year you and your landscapers in Denver can start the perfect plan fully armed with all the information about the property.

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Canadian Researcher Finds Faults in Seniors’ Fall Detection Devices

Seniors want to remain in their homes as long as they can and live independent lives, and devices like fall detectors and fall alert systems help both seniors and their loved ones make that a reality. Fall detection devices can alert first-responders or caretakers when they’ve detected a fall and make for a quick response. Unfortunately, those fall devices have several faults and may not be as effective as we believe according to a Canadian research team.

The conclusion of their study is that further testing and calibration is needed on the devices, so they respond better to real world actions and stimuli. The study targets wearable fall detection like watches, or pendants. “There seems to be a knowledge gap between fall detection technology and the use of it,” said study co-author Lili Liu, a professor in the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine. The review was written be co-written by researchers from the University of Alberta, the University of Montreal, and the University of Rosario.

Office tech

Researchers noted that though the market is flooded with these devices, their levels of effectiveness varied and some of the products were unreliable. 85% of hospital visits by seniors in Canada result from a fall or fall-related injuries. 20% of serious falls result in death.

The team combed through 118 different peer-reviewed studies from across the world. While there was ample research on ten different types of fall detection devices, the research only went so far and was lacking in real-world simulation and testing. “Most of the studies didn’t describe whether the technologies were ready for use in the real world,” Liu added. Instead most of the devices were tested in lab environments by interns and lab students. The study also found that there were other gaps for fall detection devices in response to real-world customer feedback. The companies producing these devices simply weren’t modifying and re-testing.

There may also be psychological gaps as 80% of seniors surveyed stated they would be reluctant to push their alert device after a fall for fear of disturbing someone or not being able to properly activate it. From the study it’s easy to conclude that there some real gaps to fill in to allow for better and more effective use of these technologies.

“There are too many devices available in the market that are sitting on shelves collecting dust because they did not address the varying wants and needs of the consumer, and caregivers are often the ones who purchase these technologies to assist in their duties,” said PhD student Noelannah Neubauer.

Thank you to the office equipment Boise experts Fisher’s Technology for insight into the above technological advances.

Auto accident

Denver Based Injury Law Firm Offers Advice on Hiring Attorney

The time after an auto accident can be a hurricane of emotion, paperwork, legal professionals, health professionals, and other headaches that can be worse than any injuries you’ve received from the accident. The key in getting your life back on track is hiring an injury attorney who will help make sure you’re treated fairly. We sat down with Attorney Mitchel S. Drantch of Denver-based Auto Injury Law Offices to discuss what people should look for when hiring an attorney after an auto accident.

Look for Specialization

Car accident

There are many subsets of law but if you’re hiring an attorney you want to be certain they specialize in the type of case you’re bringing to them. You wouldn’t go to a cardiologist for your broken leg so you don’t need to go to a corporate lawyer if you need help with injury case. Look for both specialization and experience in any law firm for your injury case.

Bigger Isn’t Better

Your first instinct is probably to take your case to a large law firm with dozens of attorney – the more attorneys there are, the more resources you can get right? Yes and no. Drantch warns those looking for an attorney that bigger isn’t necessarily better. The bigger the law firm is, the smaller the chances are you will get any face time with the actual attorney representing your case. Look for local help to get direct handling of your case. Ideally, your case will be managed by the attorney whose name is on the firm and not from a nameless inexperienced attorney fresh out of law school.

Settlement vs. Trial

Ask any potential law firm or attorney if they tend to settle their cases or if they like to take their cases to trial. Law firms who prefer settlement means that the law firm is more about quantity than quality, and they won’t always do everything in their power to get you the best possible outcome. Drantch recommends looking for law firms with successful trial cases and not settlements only. The more successful the attorney is at trial, the more likely the insurance will meet you with a better settlement right away.

The Auto Injury Law Office has managed hundreds of injury law cases directly and knows what it takes for anyone to get the best outcome in their case. Denver auto injury attorney Mitch Drantch recommends hiring local, specialization, and firms that have a successful trial track record. These tips and more can help you get the best settlement or outcome for your case.

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Doughnut Time and Deliveroo Partner for Doughnut Engagement Rings

It’s always tough to pick the right gift for Valentine’s Day. Should you get your significant other something delectable like chocolates or something they can keep with them for years, like jewelry? Well if you have access to Deliveroo, you can have your cake and eat it too, or in this case, you can have your doughnut and eat it too.

Purple ring

Delivery service Deliveroo and confectioner Doughnut Time recently teamed up to create a pair of mini doughnuts mocked up like engagement rings for this Valentine’s Day.

Doughnut Time is producing two engagement-themed doughnut rings for the promotion: one donut that resembles a silver ring and one that’s inspired by England’s most famous fiancé – Meghan Markle. The doughnuts are also decorated with ‘gold,’ and with a large edible strawberry-flavored diamond ring on top.

Head of Communications at Deliveroo Joe Groves, is excited about the creation and partnership. “Whether you’re cuddling up to bae, or watching a movie in solidarity with friends at home, we at Deliveroo think these doughnut engagement rings are super fun and tasty way to celebrate the one, or the many special people in your life this Valentine’s Day,” he said.

The doughnuts are available from February 12 until supplies run out. Tim Anderson, director at Doughnut Time is also pumped about the unique promotion stating: “With the help of Deliveroo, we are distributing doughnut love across the capital, giving Londoners every reason to treat their loved one this Valentine’s Day.”

The doughnuts are meant purely for fun. According to Doughnut Time, you can use the treat for an actual proposal or can order the specialty goods even if you’re single. Currently, there are no stories of people using the doughnut as an actual proposal ring, though no one can deny the appeal of donuts.

The engagement ring doughnuts join other unique Valentine’s Day baked goods across the world. California residents can purchase cannabis-infused chocolates for the special day to “take their love to new heights” according to the manufacturer.

If you live in the United Kingdom and want something special and different for your significant other this Valentine’s Day, why not give them a donut?

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Bone Marrow Stem Cell Therapy Essay

Bone Marrow Concentrate or BMC Therapy is also known as Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate (MBAC) Therapy. It’s a promising regenerative therapy that helps accelerate how moderate to severe osteoarthritis and tendon injuries heal. MBAC is similar to Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) because of its ability to use the body’s self-healing through the aid of growth factors.