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Doughnut Time and Deliveroo Partner for Doughnut Engagement Rings

It’s always tough to pick the right gift for Valentine’s Day. Should you get your significant other something delectable like chocolates or something they can keep with them for years, like jewelry? Well if you have access to Deliveroo, you can have your cake and eat it too, or in this case, you can have your doughnut and eat it too.

Purple ring

Delivery service Deliveroo and confectioner Doughnut Time recently teamed up to create a pair of mini doughnuts mocked up like engagement rings for this Valentine’s Day.

Doughnut Time is producing two engagement-themed doughnut rings for the promotion: one donut that resembles a silver ring and one that’s inspired by England’s most famous fiancé – Meghan Markle. The doughnuts are also decorated with ‘gold,’ and with a large edible strawberry-flavored diamond ring on top.

Head of Communications at Deliveroo Joe Groves, is excited about the creation and partnership. “Whether you’re cuddling up to bae, or watching a movie in solidarity with friends at home, we at Deliveroo think these doughnut engagement rings are super fun and tasty way to celebrate the one, or the many special people in your life this Valentine’s Day,” he said.

The doughnuts are available from February 12 until supplies run out. Tim Anderson, director at Doughnut Time is also pumped about the unique promotion stating: “With the help of Deliveroo, we are distributing doughnut love across the capital, giving Londoners every reason to treat their loved one this Valentine’s Day.”

The doughnuts are meant purely for fun. According to Doughnut Time, you can use the treat for an actual proposal or can order the specialty goods even if you’re single. Currently, there are no stories of people using the doughnut as an actual proposal ring, though no one can deny the appeal of donuts.

The engagement ring doughnuts join other unique Valentine’s Day baked goods across the world. California residents can purchase cannabis-infused chocolates for the special day to “take their love to new heights” according to the manufacturer.

If you live in the United Kingdom and want something special and different for your significant other this Valentine’s Day, why not give them a donut?

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