TikTok is a video-sharing social media platform that allows users to create and post short video content. Like Instagram, it uses hashtags and influencers to generate traffic. Content creators, consumers, and advertisers, averaging between 18- to 34-year-olds, are utilizing the platform. With the app having more than 1.5 billion users, more adults are coming on to the platform that includes dentists, cops, teachers, parents, and grandparents. TikTok is trending, and it’s time we start acknowledging it as a platform for your business. 

TikTok Content Optimization

First, check to make sure your audience is on Tik Tok. You can do this by checking who is commenting on your video. Browse through the comment profiles and see what kind of person is interacting with your content. Then find the patterns of your targeted audience and see what type of content they may be viewing. Post content that your target audience finds engaging and that they are interacting with. Tik Tok users are there for entertainment, so it is important to be entertaining. Even if you are posting an educational video, make sure it is still engaging and fun.

Content on Tik Tok is presented in a full-screen format, which means there are no other distractions. Some platforms count an impression when users view only part of the post, where with Tik Tok there are no “partial” impressions. Users are committing to an immersive experience giving your video their full attention, which may not be all that impossible to achieve. Tik Tok users are spending an average of 52 minutes per day on the platform. If you think about it, that is at least 52 videos watched daily on Tik Tok. 

Generate Traffic with Hashtags

The most important part of optimizing your TikTok content is hashtags. Like Instagram, hashtags power your ability to optimize your content with the potential of attracting hundreds to thousands of viewers. You can grow your small account into large accounts by using high volume hashtags.  

On Tik Tok, specific demographics subscribe to certain hashtags based on their intent. It is essential to find hashtags that align with people who will want to follow you and watch your content. To generate TikTok keywords or hashtags, start with smaller volume long-tail keywords under 100k to begin building your traffic and work towards the more significant high volume hashtags. Make sure you update all your previous posts with the new keywords you discovered. Using a combination of both long-tail and high volume keywords on your posts is the most effective strategy for Tik Tok SEO. 

TikTok and Your Website

If you are using Tik Tok for your business, it is crucial to have a website. Creating a website funnel for your Tik Tok users is an essential way to start growing your website authority. This referral traffic is also a significant step in analyzing how your Tik Tok users are interacting with your website content. 

Advertising on Tik Tok

Like other social media platforms, with Tik Tok, you can post organically or do a paid campaign. With a paid campaign, you can target specific demographics of people per ad content. Businesses can place ads in the form of promoted hashtags, in-feed ads, brand takeovers, or branded effects. Tik Tok is continually adding new features like interactive polls that you can take advantage of as well. 

Get There Early

Most businesses have something they can add to this new platform – even if it is just user-generated content. Consumers crave ways to connect with brands, and most marketers would argue that the best way to connect is through authenticity and relevancy. It doesn’t get more authentic and relevant than Tik Tok. 

Zoos, game shows, celebrities, sports teams, and big businesses like Walmart and Chipotle are some businesses already using Tik Tok. If your brand targets younger people, you need to start taking advantage of this social media platform. Though more brands like Guess, HP, and Sephora are joining every day, Tik Tok is still the underdog platform compared to the giants of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. According to the 2019 Sprout Social Index, 89% of marketers are adding Facebook to their social media marketing plans for 2020, while only 4% are adding the TikTok platform, making this is an excellent opportunity to get in early. If over 1.5 billion people are on Tik Tok, but only 4% of businesses are there, it’s time to join the app and get those creative juices flowing!