The time after an auto accident can be a hurricane of emotion, paperwork, legal professionals, health professionals, and other headaches that can be worse than any injuries you’ve received from the accident. The key in getting your life back on track is hiring an injury attorney who will help make sure you’re treated fairly. We sat down with Attorney Mitchel S. Drantch of Denver-based Auto Injury Law Offices to discuss what people should look for when hiring an attorney after an auto accident.

Look for Specialization

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There are many subsets of law but if you’re hiring an attorney you want to be certain they specialize in the type of case you’re bringing to them. You wouldn’t go to a cardiologist for your broken leg so you don’t need to go to a corporate lawyer if you need help with injury case. Look for both specialization and experience in any law firm for your injury case.

Bigger Isn’t Better

Your first instinct is probably to take your case to a large law firm with dozens of attorney – the more attorneys there are, the more resources you can get right? Yes and no. Drantch warns those looking for an attorney that bigger isn’t necessarily better. The bigger the law firm is, the smaller the chances are you will get any face time with the actual attorney representing your case. Look for local help to get direct handling of your case. Ideally, your case will be managed by the attorney whose name is on the firm and not from a nameless inexperienced attorney fresh out of law school.

Settlement vs. Trial

Ask any potential law firm or attorney if they tend to settle their cases or if they like to take their cases to trial. Law firms who prefer settlement means that the law firm is more about quantity than quality, and they won’t always do everything in their power to get you the best possible outcome. Drantch recommends looking for law firms with successful trial cases and not settlements only. The more successful the attorney is at trial, the more likely the insurance will meet you with a better settlement right away.

The auto injury attorney team behind Drantch has managed hundreds of injury law cases directly and knows what it takes for anyone to get the best outcome in their case. Mitch Drantch recommends hiring local, specialization, and firms that have a successful trial track record. These tips and more can help you get the best settlement or outcome for your case.