If you’re into guitars, you’re probably also into the things you can buy that make your guitar sound interesting. Think pedals, loopers, kill switches, and other doodads that you can add to your signal chain. Each one has an effect and vibe all its own.

But then, there are the ‘crazy’ guitar gadgets. A lot of them are gimmicks, that’s for sure, but there are a few that are just so crazy they actually are worth having. So, if you’re looking for that next awesome guitar gizmo to get, check out this quick list of of the craziest among them.

Crazy Guitar Gadget #1: The Gibson Memory Cable

What if a guitar cable could actually do something more than just transmit the signal going from your guitar to your amplifier? Well, the Gibson Memory Cable is here to save the day. This curious little cable has a built-in solid-state recorder that makes a digital copy of whatever you play on your guitar, all with the push of a button.

Do guitarists really need a recording utility on their guitar cable? Who knows? It’s just crazy enough to need!

Crazy Guitar Gadget #2: The E-Bow

The E-Bow has actually been around for more than 15 years, and it’s even been used during live performances to make some awesome sounds on the electric guitar. This small, handheld, battery-powered device generates an electromagnetic field that makes the strings resonate without needing to be plucked or strummed.

The result is infinite sustain that sounds other-worldly. Crazy!

Crazy Guitar Gadget #3: The Guitar Tuner/Capo Hybrid

Ok, so you probably already know that a capo is a useful tool to change the key of your guitar on-the-fly. But, did you also know that some capos have a battery-powered guitar tuner built right in? It’s true! And, they’re not that much more expensive than buying both devices separately. We know what you’re thinking: that’s crazy!

The only downside to the guitar tuner/capo hybrid is that if the battery does ever fail, you’re left with a needlessly clunky capo that just looks strange.

Crazy Guitar Gadget #4: The Hammer Jammer

The Hammer Jammer is a small, plastic device that installs on the guitar bridge and ‘taps’ each string on command, similar to how a piano works. The sound it produces definitely qualifies as bizarre, because the guitar wasn’t meant to sound like this!

Now matter what kind of sound you’re trying to get out of your guitar, rest assured that experimenting with these four crazy guitar gadgets will give you limitless sonic possibilities!