Do-it-yourselfers are always looking for new projects and ways to spruce up their home or make things better than before. If you like using your outdoor area with a fire pit but are often a little shy due to crowded neighbors, a great solution can be found in an outdoor privacy screen. Rather than setting up a little barrier between you, your fire pit, and your neighbors, an outdoor privacy screen can also make outdoor space more livable by providing shade and protection from the elements. Let’s get some more info on a DIY outdoor privacy screen thanks to the experts at Firepit Outfitter.

Tips on DIY Privacy Screens for Your Fire Pit

Living or Non-Living?

You have three main options when building yourself an outdoor privacy screen, do you want to use living materials such as plants, trees, and barrier shrubs or do you want to non-living materials such as brick, wood or vinyl? You don’t have to pick one. Many people use a combination of living and non-living materials such as a wooden lattice with vines growing through it. Living materials will need more care, but they provide a certain atmosphere and character that you won’t get on vinyl or wood alone.

Style of Outdoor Privacy Screen

You don’t want your outdoor privacy screen to stand out over the rest of your outdoor living space so choose a style that fits in with your décor. If your patio is made up of flagstone, try to pick a material that will flow with it. Not much sense in having a privacy screen if everyone’s eyes are drawn to it.

Plan Your Job

Proper preparation prevents poor performance, and that rings especially true with DIY projects, especially when using a fire pit. Safety is paramount. So, plan out your materials, what tools you will need, how much time you think it will take and what you want it to look like before taking your first trip to the hardware store. You’ll be glad you did.


The internet is full of interesting ideas and themes for a variety of DIY projects including outdoor privacy screens. Use sites like Pinterest or other DIY websites to search what other people have done. You can get a variety of visual and structural ideas for your outdoor privacy screen.

If you feel like grilling in your underwear, but your neighbor is nosy, you should think about a DIY outdoor privacy screen. The value it can add to the look of your property is worth it alone.